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Apple replaces iTunes Pass with Apple Account Card in iOS 15.5

Apple replaces iTunes Pass with Apple Account Card in iOS 15.5

The Portfolio or Wallet app has undergone many changes over the last few years. A long time ago it started being called Passbook, a tool that allowed you to store tickets, plane tickets, train tickets and a long etcetera. With the arrival of Apple Pay we had to say goodbye to Passbook to receive Wallet. Within Passbook we had an option that allowed us to recharge money and be able to use it in Apple stores through iTunesPass. This option that allowed us to have money inside our Apple ID has disappeared in iOS 15.5 and has been replaced by the Apple Account Card that appears within the Wallet app.

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We welcome Apple Account Card in iOS 15.5

iTunes Pass allowed us to top up our Apple account with money and be able to use it in physical stores through a QR. It could also be spent in online stores in the Big Apple as if it were a credit card. However, a few months ago a possible change was found after the first betas of iOS 15.5 that foresaw the disappearance of iTunes Pass.

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And so it has been although it has not been officially announced by Apple. iTunes Pass disappears to make way for the Apple Account Card. From now on, all the money that we add to our Apple ID either through the App Store or through gift cards will be automatically entered into the Apple Account Card. This special card for each user will be inside the Wallet app.

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In fact, it will work like any other credit card that we can use within the Apple operating system to spend within its ecosystem, as well as in its physical Apple Store without having to show the QR that we used to show with iTunes Pass.

If you want to have the new card it is necessary to have money in your Apple ID

This function has reached iOS 15.5 but it is gradually unfolding worldwide, so if you already have the version installed, it is likely that you still do not have the Apple Account Card in your Wallet app. However, there is a requirement to be able to access this card and it is have money in the Apple ID.

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If we have money, we just have to access the Wallet app, press ‘+’ and add the card directly. To confirm that we have it, we can enter the app and observe it or press the lock button on our iPhone twice to access Apple Pay. In case you have money in your Apple account and the option still does not appear, it is a matter of days.