Apple rents 4,000 square meters in India to speed up the app design process

Apple is not having an easy time trying to conquer the Indian market, where with a population that exceeds 1,200 million, the company has kept tripping over the same stone over and over again. This stone that the government of the country, always tries to protect and tries to create local businesses offering difficulties to multinationals that want to sell their products in the country, unless they invest in the creation of factories or development centers. But after several months of battles with the government and Tim Cook's visit to the country to meet the Prime Minister, it seems that now everyone is happy.

Last May and in an attempt to unblock negotiations for the local government to authorize the company to open its own stores, Apple announced the creation of a center to develop applications in the country, a center scheduled to open at the start of the year. According to The Economic Times, the Cupertino-based company has just signed a lease agreement for the rental of an office space of nearly 4,000 square meters which will aim to accelerate the process of designing applications for iOS.

Apple's new office space in India is spread over two floors and with some just designed to house tech companies, Apple will have to make some changes to accommodate its needs. These facilities are located in Galleria, north of Bangalore. This region is known as technological capital of the country and where more than a million professionals are currently employed. People familiar with this project say these facilities are owned by the Standard Brick Tile Company, which currently already has companies such as Comviva and Atkins as tenants.

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