Apple releases special achievement for Thanksgiving

Those of you who have the company watch are already familiar with these achievements, they are digital medals that the Activity app gives you when you exercise or perform certain activities. Apple already announced a long time ago that it would launch special achievements based on the seasons, and the first of them has already arrived, and that is that the Activity app will give you a medal on November 24, which will also be accompanied by a small gift if you perform the specific activity that we are going to tell you next. This is undoubtedly the best method for Americans to sear turkey for Thanksgiving.

To complete the challenge we will have to run or walk no less than 5 kilometers, this way success will be unlocked, they will give us the medal and a little gift consisting of a sticker kit for iMessage. You will not have to do anything beforehand, you just need to walk or run the specified 5 kilometers on November 24 and the clock itself will notify you that you have unlocked the achievement, as always, by activating the corresponding animation to award you the corresponding medal. However, now comes what appears to be bad news.

And that's for now we only know that users from the United States of America were able to access the achievement, apparently it can only be unlocked in places where Thanksgiving is celebrated. However, this is not definitive information, since it is possible that the achievement is also extended to other countries in the world, we do not know the scope of the initiative nor its limits, so we invite you to Take a look at your Apple Watch during these days to see if you can unlock this special achievement, and let us know via Twitter.

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