Apple releases iTunes 12.5.1 with a new design for Apple Music

The time is approaching. With the release of each new version of iOS, Apple also releases a new version of its multimedia application, in this case iTunes 12.5.1, which will be in charge of managing iOS devices updated to the new version of Apple's mobile operating system. The version released a few minutes ago will not only be a compatibility update, but also includes design change of Apple's multimedia tool.

The update, which initially gave me an error, arrives with a design that looks a lot like the one in the iOS 10 Music app which will be released in a few minutes. Of course, I also have to say that it also inherits some annoying bugs from the iOS 10 app, as artist images don't appear in many cases, as you can see in the previous image. In any case, if we ignore the above, I believe that the change in image is positive.

What's new in iTunes 12.5.1

  • Apple Music introduces an all-new design that brings more transparency and simplicity to every aspect of the Apple Music experience.
  • This update ensures compatibility with iOS 10 and adds improvements for macOS Sierra such as:
    • Siri: Play music from your library and Apple Music with your voice. All you have to do is ask Siri.
    • Picture-in-picture: You can watch videos while doing other tasks and using different apps because the video floats on the desktop in a corner of the screen.

If you are using macOS Sierra or OS X, you can download iTunes 12.5.1 from the Mac App Store. If you are Windows users, you can download the new version from the official page. Once you do, the question is forced: what do you think of the new iTunes design that was based on iOS 10?

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