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  7. Apple releases iOS 16 Beta 2 for iPhone

Apple releases iOS 16 Beta 2 for iPhone

Apple releases iOS 16 Beta 2 for iPhone

The development of iOS 16, the operating system that will reach all iOS and iPadOS users during the last quarter of 2022 and that we at iPhone News are analyzing in depth to tell you all its news.

The development of something so important does not wait, it goes slowly but surely, and how could it be otherwise, Apple has released iOS 16 Beta 2 for users who have this version installed for developers who will be able to update easily.

Obviously, along with iOS 16, iPadOS 16 Beta 2 will arrive, which you can install along with watchOS 9. However, other news regarding macOS Ventura will have to wait.

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At the moment, iOS 16 Beta 2 has definitely integrated the recognition of «captcha» that will allow us to skip these functionalities since the system will recognize us as users automatically and therefore we will not have to “solve” them to enter the web page or platform in which we are interested.

Meanwhile, the news is limited to system optimization. We remind you that the iPhone heats up excessively with the installation of this Beta and, as usual, it negatively affects the autonomy of the device.

To update via OTA (Over the Air) the iOS 16 Beta simply go to Settings > General > Software Update and it will appear automatically.

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iOS 16 Beta 2 can be installed on the following devices: