Apple prepares a tool to diagnose battery problems

Days after posting a statement on Apple's China site regarding the battery issue some iPhone 6s users are experiencing, the company has added new related information to the site. The updated statement reiterates the cause of the issue – some batteries were exposed to a damaging environment during manufacturing – while broadening the scope of affected customers experiencing the issue.

In the initial post, Apple noted that « a small number » of iPhone 6s phone models shipped to customers in September and October 2015 were experiencing unexpected shutdowns due to prolonged battery exposure to a certain controlled environment . Now, Apple is reporting that other customers were initially found to be « out of affected range » and also experienced unexpected shutdowns of their iPhone 6s devices.

As it continues to address new issues with this « small number » of affected customers, Apple is preparing an iOS update that the company says will introduce « additional diagnostic capability, » through which the company can collect data. information and improve your ability to manage the battery. performance levels and unplanned shutdowns. The update will be available next week and Apple has mentioned that the improvements and solutions discovered through the referenced diagnostic tool will be included in future software updates.

If you think you have one of these affected iPhone 6s phones, Apple has made a repair program available since last month, offering battery replacements for any iPhone 6s model manufactured between September and October 2015, which are the batches containing devices affected by unexpected shutdowns. There is also a new tool that allows customers to enter the serial number of their iPhone and see if it is eligible for this replacement program.

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