Apple Pay will arrive tomorrow in Spain from Banco Santander

It seems that the wait is finally over, and as Tim Cook announced months ago, before the end of 2016 Apple Pay will be a reality in Spain. The Apple mobile payment system will arrive tomorrow, December 1, in Spain from Banco Santanderan entity that has already collaborated with the payment system in the United Kingdom since its implementation in this country, and therefore already has extensive experience with Apple Pay.

This has just been confirmed by Applesfera, who cites sources close to the operation who confirmed that virtually everything is being done so that Since December 1 we can use Apple Pay in Spain. In the absence of official confirmation from Apple and Banco Santander, barring any unforeseen last minute events in less than 24 hours, we can pay with our iPhone in Spain using Banco Santander cards.

Apple Pay is a payment system that allows us to use our iPhone or Apple Watch to pay on any terminal that supports contactless payments. You just need to add our card to iPhone to use it as a payment system, and it will be ready to use. Depending on the financial institution, we will need to identify ourselves for payments over €20, for which we must use the TouchID of our iPhone. We can also use the Apple Watch to make payments, in this case without having to use the TouchID since it is linked to the iPhone and uses it for this identification. Additionally, Apple Pay is also available for web payments via Safari on any Mac with macOS Sierra installed. At this time, no further details are known about the possible inclusion of other financial institutions in Apple Pay, but we will notify you of any last minute changes.

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