Apple Pay reaches 37 additional US financial institutions and banks

It's easy to think that mobile payments are the future. And not only that, but in the future we will be able to leave our wallets at home and carry our driving license and other documents such as our ID card on our mobiles. The Cupertino proposal is called Apple Pay (and Wallet) and arrived in the United States in 2014. Since then, it has continued to expand across the United States and today reached 37 other banks and financial institutions. You have the full list below.

Apple Pay is now available on:

  • Bank of St Francisville
  • Bank of Winnfield & Trust Company
  • Billings Federal Credit Union
  • Central Bank (OK)
  • Citizens Business Bank
  • City and County Employees Credit Union
  • First Community Bank (both in Arkansas and Michigan now)
  • First Federal Bank of Florida
  • First international bank and trust
  • Indiana's First Internet Bank
  • First bank of volunteers
  • Industrial State Bank
  • Kitsap Credit Union
  • KleinBank
  • LA Capitol Federal Credit Union
  • Member One Federal Credit Union
  • Midwest Banking Center
  • National Bank of Commerce
  • Needham Bank
  • North West Bank
  • Park Side Credit Union
  • State Park Bank and Trust
  • Redstone Federal Credit Union
  • Quaint Community Credit Union
  • Credit union
  • Springs Valley Bank and Trust
  • Chilton State Bank
  • Summit State Bank
  • Sun Federal Credit Union
  • Bank of Arlington
  • The bank of Hemet
  • United States Postal Service Federal Credit Union
  • Union Bank
  • United Union Bank
  • Valley view bank
  • Western Financial Credit Union

As always when we talk about Apple's mobile payment system, we have to talk about its arrival in other countries that might interest our readers. According to some rumors, the arrival of Apple Pay in Spain It won't be an easy task, although it looks like it will at some point this year. The problem is that in Spain everyone wants to take advantage of everything (say some operators…) and the banks do not want to miss the opportunity to make money from transactions. These rumors also say that the Spanish banks want Apple to open the NFC chip of the latest iPhone to be able to use it but, as in Australia, it seems that this will not be the case and that they will have to give their arm to twist .

Apple to open new R&D center in Indonesia

For other countries, like some in Latin America, they have not circulated or I don't remember rumors which speak of his arrival in the south of the American continent. In my opinion, Apple follows the same order that it follows when launching new devices, that is, the United States comes first, then countries like China, Canada, Australia and the Europeans, Germany, France and Great Britain, then the rest. If I'm right, Apple Pay will be available in the same order, unless Tim Cook and company hit a roadblock in a particular country. Hopefully everything will go well and we will soon be able to use Apple Pay in our countries.

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