Apple patent suggests future iPhone will feature Touch ID on screen

Rumors are numerous, and some leakers have already said that it is « confirmed », which ensures that the home button of the iPhone 7 (or 6SE) will not press like before, but will be tactile and offer a response physical to pretend we've sunk. What is certain is that it seems that the days of the physical start button are numbered, and a patent of Apple which was made public yesterday makes us think that the possibility of integrate Touch ID into the screen it's real.

The new Apple patent is linked to the purchase of the AuthenTec company and describes how a Touch ID works no physical button. It also details how an entire touchscreen could be used as a biometric sensor. To give you an idea, just imagine an iPhone whose front is all screen, with the exception of the earpiece and sensors, as long as they can't find another area to install them. To unlock the device we would only have to put a registered finger anywhere on its screen.

According to this patent, Apple wants to integrate Touch ID on the iPhone screen

It would be surprised to see this patent already in 2016, and even more if we take into account that, at most, what is expected this year is a different button, but not absent. Although in the previous image you can see the start button, it wouldn't make much sense to add it physically if its function can be added to the screen, right? The question is when we will see this patent. In fact, some rumors dare to assure that the iPhone 2017 will integrate the home button and Touch ID on the screen, which adds even more attractiveness to the smartphone that Apple will present next year and indirectly subtracts it from the this year's iPhone.

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In any case, while it's hopeful, we're talking about a patent that may never see the light of day, but I think we all think that's the next step. When will it be given?

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