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  5. Apple partners with Disney to promote #DreamBigPrincess campaign

Apple partners with Disney to promote #DreamBigPrincess campaign

Apple partners with Disney to promote #DreamBigPrincess campaign

No one can deny the Apple’s philanthropic charactersomething that is basically forced by the relevance of the company worldwide and that in a certain way they can also do in an interested way due to the good publicity that these actions give the company… Bet on the sexual diversity, diversity of races, equality between men and women, ecology… endless campaigns for which, as we say, the guys from Cupertino have bet (and will continue to do so).

Apple has teamed up with the movie magic company againwhich was once a production company and has now become the most powerful audiovisual machine in the world, Disney. And they do it with a totally disinterested project and whose end is quite beautiful, the Apple campaign partners with Disney to promote the campaign #DreamBigPrincess. After the jump we give you all the details of this new alliance between Apple and Disney…

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Disney has just announced that it will give the opportunity to 21 Young Women to Create Digital Shorts Telling Inspiring Female Role Model Stories. Each female creator will be assigned a female professional profile from which they will be able to get the most out of their potential. With this #DreamBigPrincess want to broaden the vision and promote a great platform of new creators that create content about the women who have accompanied the company so much.

Apple, for its part, will provide Disney’s #DreamBigPrincess program with iPhone X for the shoots, and MacBooks Pro with Final Cut Pro X for the subsequent editing of these videos, all in addition to providing help throughout the production process to creators with Apple experts. A very interesting collaboration between Apple and Disney, we will see what comes out of all this since it looks very good.