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Apple must change the App Store, the judge denies the postponement

Apple must change the App Store, the judge denies the postponement

The judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogerswho had decided the case Apple vs Epic imposing to introduce the possibility of payments external to the App Store, denied Apple’s requested postponement. By December 9 it will have to allow app developers to link to payment services outside the ecosystem, without therefore receiving a share on payments.

Apple denied postponement to change the App Store

In the original ruling, which had proved Apple right on many points, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, however, asked for an important change to Apple. Within 90 days should have allowed developers to insert links for external payment services, without necessarily going through the Apple one.

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Cupertino had asked the judge to start these 90 days from the resolution of the appeals attempted by both Apple and Epic. But the judge said that “Apple’s motion is based only on a selective reading of the Court’s findings and ignores all the evidence supporting the injunction “ to introduce alternative payments.

The lawyer Mark Perry Apple says the company needs more time, however. “It will be the first time that Apple has allowed manufacturers to introduce links into digital content apps. It will take months to understand engineering, economics and other issues. It’s too complicated. There must be guidelines to protect children, developers, customers and Apple itself. And they must be written in explanable and applicable guidelines “.

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The judge, however, continued to have suspicions. Apple’s intention could be to indefinitely extend the implementation of what the Court has imposed. Meanwhile, Apple appealed to the ninth district to block these changes until the end of the appeals on the cause. We will keep you updated on this story, which is far from over.