Apple Music arrives in South Korea

Apple's streaming music service is available in 110 countries, but that doesn't mean its expansion won't continue. This week the Cupertino-based company arrived in Israel, as we announced to you a few days ago, but it is not the only country, since it arrived last Friday in South Korea. But This is not the only news related to Apple Music, since this week an agreement with Bloomberg Radio has also been announced so that it can be heard through the music application of our iPhone, just as we can currently do with the Beats 1 station.

Hello Korea! Apple Music is now available. 🇰🇷
Start a 3-month free trial.

– Apple Music (@AppleMusic) August 4, 2016

The arrival of Apple Music in South Korea was surrounded by many problems, since like in Israel, most artists and musical groups are not grouped into associations and in most cases, they almost had to go one by one, a job that greatly affected the arrival of Apple Music in Korea and Israel. Apple is offering three months free to all users who want to try Apple's streaming music service, just like during the service's global launch.

Regarding prices, we can again see how Apple has reduced the usual price of this service, at least in the United States and most of Europe. The price for an individual account is $7.99, while if they contract the family account which allows access to up to five people, the price is 11.99 euros. Apparently, those in Cupertino had no choice but to set the same prices as the competition to be able to compete head-to-head with the streaming music services that have been operating in the country for some time.

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