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Apple: Korea is about to pass an antitrust law on the App Store

Apple: Korea is about to pass an antitrust law on the App Store

There South Korea an antitrust law would be about to pass “almost for sure” which would end the monopoly ofApple App Store. The legislation would allow developers to choose their own payment platform for in-app purchases. Without necessarily having to leave the 15-30% commission to the Cupertino company.

Apple: App Store monopoly could end in Korea

The past year has seen Apple’s Apple Store payments system headline news. After Epic casethe Fortnite producer who complained about the impossibility of using their payment service on iOS, many entities have wondered if Cupertino has a monopoly. The company assures no, saying that the sector is that of “smartphone apps” and not that of iPhone apps. Apple claims that customers have the choice when buying their smartphone. And developers can do the same.

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But it seems that Korea has become convinced that it is not possible for a manufacturer not to launch an application on iOS. And so he believes that Apple should leave the ability to use other payment services. The Cupertino company disputes this decision, which allows Apple to get between 15 and 30% commission.

According to Bloomberg’s analysis, the “Telecommunications Business Act will oblige to give users the freedom to choose a payment provider. The law, which will almost certainly pass at the assembly given the overwhelming majority of the ruling party, opens the door to companies like the developer of Fortnite. Epic Games Inc. for direct transitions with users who bypass the platform owner’s commissions “.

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The analyst Guillermo Escofet explains: “The regulators, the legislators and the advocates in the North America and Europe are scrutinizing the payment rules of the App Store. And the political climate is becoming hostile towards the enormous power concentrated in the hands of the tech giants ”.

This Korean decision could therefore have a huge impact on Apple’s future. We will keep you informed.