Apple is working on a Bluetooth headset

bluetooth headset concept

Since rumors first started circulating that Apple might stop using the headphone jack, there have been many concepts we've seen so far of what Apple's Bluetooth headphones could look like. 'business. But news related to a device of this type we have not had until now. As Forbes reports, Apple is working on wireless headphones with a special Bluetooth chip this would allow the battery life to be much longer than that of devices that can currently be found on the market. Citing sources linked to the project, Forbes assures that Apple has been working for several years on a special Bluetooth chip to solve the battery problems encountered by this type of headphones.

The low-power Bluetooth chip was developed by Passif Semiconductor, a startup company acquired by Apple in 2013, but during development Apple encountered various problems. Apple had planned to launch these headphones on the market in 2015, but some performance issues with the new Bluetooth chip forced the release to be canceled. According to Forbes, if the performance is not 100%, Apple nip it in the bud and start again. Concerning this new Bluetooth chip, we do not know if it is designed by Apple or if third-party companies have intervened.

During the last years, Apple designed its own chips to try to reduce its dependence on third parties in order to avoid problems in the supply chain that could lead to the disruption of production plans. Since 2010, Apple has been designing its own chips based on the ARM architecture, so it is unlikely that the chip used in Bluetooth headsets was not designed directly in Cupertino.

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