Apple is killing its router division. Goodbye to the Airport?

After trying many and varied solutions, I decided some time ago to purchase a airport Extreme from Apple and I couldn't be happier for everything it offers. That's why I initially felt some concern when I heard about an article published in Bloomberg by Mark Gurman which claims that Apple has “charged” its router division have its engineers work in other departments.

According to Gurman, who cites sources familiar with the matter but I believe they are people he knows within the company led by Tim Cook, Apple's intention is a way to free up ballast for fly higher, that is they intend to forget some of their products in order to create better versions of the devices which brings them more money. This way, the routers would share the same destination as the Apple monitors.

Is this the end of the AirPort line?

According to Gurman's sources, the the movement did not start recently, but it started last year, when they began moving some of the engineers from the router division to other development groups, such as the Apple TV group. Additionally, the AirPort line was updated regularly until 2013 and no new Apple routers have been released since then, so it appears Apple won't release another branded router again.

However, we will have to wait and see what this move to eliminate Apple's router division will translate into. AirPorts are the best option for the Apple ecosystem, which may mean that those in Cupertino will allow us to do the same with similar devices from another brand. If it ends up being like this, the loan sharks could come out ahead, first by being able to use other routers that do the exact same thing at a lower price and end up taking advantage of the best devices they would launch to be able to focus more time on them. What do you think?

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