Apple is jumping on the social media bandwagon, finally (Updated)

That those in the bloc are today one of the most closed companies, no one can dispute, so much so that on many occasions their decisions and policies in this regard have been strongly criticized or are simply incomprehensible .

For example, no one understood how it was possible that being in the middle of the age of social networks as we are, Apple almost completely ignores them. All the major technology companies have already carved out a place for themselves in the main social networks of the moment, but those from Cupertino have purely and simply ignored them, until today.

In a historic move, Apple has introduced a Facebook page to promote apps available on the App Store, meaning that we are facing a new foray by the company into third-party social networks. And the truth is that they did well since this page is not a simple sign announcing applications but something much more complete.

The conclusion for me is very clear: Apple hadn't really jumped on the social media bandwagon, but they were monitoring them very closely and they know perfectly well their dynamics and what needs to be done in them to be successful. Is this the start of a new trend at Apple? Well, we'll see.

Improve: As they tell me in the comments, the server made a mistake with this post since Apple has been present on social networks for a long time. I apologize and I do not delete the writing for a reason: we are faced with proof that in ALT1040 we have diversity, editors who follow the company's activity « by heart » and others like me who also follow Apple but more tangentially. Diversity is always good and we have it here.

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Via: AppleWeblog