Apple HomePod mini speaker deals

Even though there aren’t usually many deals on Apple products, we’ve still found some bargains on HomePod speakers with Siri built-in.

Years ago, Apple expanded its range of speakers with the arrival of the HomePod mini. In this way, it made the best technology available to its users but at a size, and at a price, much smaller than what it meant to buy the original HomePod.

No need to buy it from the Apple store. You can find it in many other electronics stores, also online. These days, we’re scouring the entire web to find the best selection of deals available.

Let’s be honest: Apple is not usually part of the sales. Therefore, it is very unlikely that in these winter sales you will find discounted HomePod speakers. Even so, if you are clear that you want to get this device, we have found two offers on HomePod mini, it is not much, since it only allows you to save €5, but at least it is something.

The best deals on HomePod

These are the two offers that we have found on Apple HomePod speakers during these winter sales:

1. Apple HomePod mini (White)

From: Macnificos

Before: €99

Now: €99

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One of the main selling points of the small home pod mini is that it can be purchased for less than €99, in order to compete with other models from its competitors, such as the Google Nest Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation).

two. Apple HomePod mini space gray

From: Macnificos

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Before: €99

Now: €99

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The offer on K-tuin HomePod mini speakers is valid for all those users who decide to purchase the speaker along with any other brand product. You can choose between white or space gray for its finishes.

Why choose a HomePod?

Over the past year, superstores have heavily discounted the HomePod, with some selling the smart speaker for as little as €279.

Although those offers no longer exist, we have searched for the best prices you can find for both modalities, both for the HomePod and for the Apple HomePod mini.

The HomePod is like most Apple products, a product premium compared to competitive smart speakers. It costs €329 in Spain and without a doubt, it is one of the most expensive systems you can find if we look at the competing models.

Google had the model years ago Google Home Max like the older model premiumwhich you may be able to find for sale in some retailer, but for this range the company has decided not to launch a successor.

In this way, the most advanced smart speaker that Google markets is the Nest Audio at a price of €79, directly competing with the HomePod mini on price. In the case of Amazon, there is the EchoStudio for a price of only €199 within the high range.

However, the main competitor of the Apple HomePod mini model lies in the Echo Dot Y Threw out with prices of €39 and €59.99 respectively. It seems that it will be in this range where most of the sales of these devices aimed at the home will be concentrated this Christmas.

To set itself apart, Apple has focused heavily on audio quality with the HomePod, offering next-level room-filling audio that can be automatically modified based on the speaker’s location in the room.

You also get access to Siri, although it’s a basic version that doesn’t quite match the Siri functionality on iPhones, iPads and even Macs, and it’s one of the few smart speakers to offer integration with Apple’s streaming service Apple Music.

Also, if you have enough money to spend, you can decide to buy a second HomePod and sync them together for stereo playback.

If you want to learn more about the smart speaker before choosing one, take a look at our comparative: HomePod vs HomePod mini. We also show you step by step how to use homepod.

If you have doubts about qualities and compatibilities, you can consult this PCWorld article about the best smart speakers this year, where the latest versions of Echo and Nest are already included, in addition to many others.

As for the HomePod mini, while it’s cheaper than the standard model at just 3 inches in size, it still offers excellent audio playback capabilities and access to the Siri assistant.

Where to find the best HomePod deals

In general, Apple is not a company that joins the great discounts, as is the case with Google, which these days has reduced all its models on its own online sales website. Here you will see how nest mini from the usual price of €59 is now only €22.

There are chain stores like K-tuin, fnac, MediaMarkt or even The English Courtwhich occasionally carry out significant discounts on specific products, but it is difficult to see that the offers apply to the entire product portfolio.

However, if you see a deal you like or a product you need, take advantage of discounts and discounted prices today. In fact, many stores on-line they are getting ahead and offering more sale days.

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