Apple Hires Team of Editors for Apple Music Song Lyrics

During the last WWDC, Apple presented iOS 10, he told us about 10 of its interesting new features and the new Apple Musicthere was a time when they were talking about songs' lyrics, so we all thought they would be available without users having to do anything. When I tried iOS 10 and saw that lyrics were only available if I had previously added them to iTunes, I couldn't have been more disappointed. Fortunately, it looks like they will be available in the future.

Apple is looking for a team of lyrics editors, consisting of a boss and several editors at your commandand everything seems to indicate that his work is linked to the function of the lyrics of Apple Music of iOS 10 that they presented to us during the last WWDC. The job posting is specifically looking for people who “maintain the best user experience on the content” of the lyrics.

Song lyrics coming to Apple Music

We are looking for a boss to lead a team of lyric editors with excellent writing skills, knowledge of music and attention to detail. Passion for technology and desire to challenge current workflows with the idea of ​​improving tools and processes. General understanding, love and, ideally, experience in writing lyrics.

For editor positions, Apple is looking for people who can write in Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, German and Spanish. Another thing that is sought after is to transcribe the letters accurately and quickly.

Until iOS 9, if we want to read the lyrics of songs that we have not stored locally and we have not added the lyrics from iTunes, we have to use a widget like music match, but it seems that in iOS 10 we can do the same thing by simply opening the mini player and swiping down. I am looking forward to this show with open arms. Hopefully it doesn't take too long.

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