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Apple: here is the updated version of the Rotor Riot controller

Apple: here is the updated version of the Rotor Riot controller

Apple has started selling, starting today, an updated version of the Rotor Riot controller, which sees the addition of “Home” and “Options” buttons. The controller, designed for use with iPhones and iPads, is priced at $ 49.99 on Apple’s online store and ships in one to two business days. Let’s take a look at the functions this device offers.

Apple updates the Rotor Riot controller

Rotor Riot is touted as the only full-size controller with Lightning connectivity available so far. Direct Lightning connectivity ensures low latency and eliminates the need to pair the controller wirelessly to an iPhone or iPad, plus Rotor Riot also lacks a battery as it is powered directly from the device it’s connected to. The controller’s built-in Lightning connector allows for pass-through charging of the iPhone or iPad while in use.

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The controller included the “Zero Gravity Device Support”In the box, an optional feature that can be used on models starting from iPhone 6. A complete list of compatible devices with the controller is available in Apple’s online store.

Either way, the controller looks very similar to the previous version, with left and right analog joysticks, A / B / X / Y digital buttons, L1 and R1 digital triggers, L2 and R2 analog triggers, L3 and R3 digital clickable sticks and a digital D-pad. All the classic elements that have always characterized the device.

Other items added to Apple’s online store this week include Mophie’s MagSafe portable support for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, OtterBox and Incase’s new AirTag key fobs, a 128GB SanDisk flash drive with USB-C and Lightning connectors. , an Incase 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro case, and more.