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Apple: evaluation activated for even more first-party apps

Apple: evaluation activated for even more first-party apps

Starting from the end of September, Apple has begun letting users rate its first-party apps pre-installed in the App Store, putting them on the same level as those of third parties. Apple previously did not allow the evaluation of its apps, even these were already present, like all the others, in theApp Store‌. It seems that now, the list of evaluable apps has increased.

Apple: More first party apps can be evaluated

At the time, Apple rolled out star ratings for a limited number of its apps like Mail, Podcast, and Maps. But now the company is gradually allowing the evaluation of additional apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. As noted by developer Kosta Eleftheriou, Apple allows ratings for Phone, Photos, Messages, Safari, Clock, Camera, Apple Health, World Clock, Workout, Heart Rate and more.

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Ratings for the company’s proprietary apps allow users to provide feedback on these pre-installed software, all enhanced by the fact that reviews have also been unlocked, in addition to options from one to five stars. Feedback from users is already coming, and apps that have seen the option unlock earlier, like Podcasts and Mail, have already picked up some bad reviews.

Apple just added more of their built-in apps on the App Store, which you can now rate & review: 👀https: //t.co/x3PoRpu80k pic.twitter.com/HylTXYOcRp

– Kosta Eleftheriou (@keleftheriou) October 27, 2021

Other software such as Phone, Messages, ‌Photo‌, Safari are only evaluable from the October 25so there are few valuations to analyze right now and the overall trend is not easily identifiable.

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Apple may use these ratings to gather more targeted feedback on improvements to implement in the future, but many of these apps are only updated and optimized as part of major software updates as they don’t work like standard third-party apps. To see actual changes, therefore, we may have to wait a long time.