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Apple ends its professional relationship with Jony Ive

Apple ends its professional relationship with Jony Ive

Who does not know Jony Ive? Responsible for the design of many Apple devices since 1992 in the company, which he left his position in 2019, to form his own company called LoveFrom a year later. Apple has always had a very good relationship with him, to the point of continuing to deal professionally and have joint ventures. But it seems that everything has an end. Just as Ive’s career is over at the company, it seems that joint ventures have also come to an end.

Jony Ive’s job since leaving Apple in 2019 was as a consultant through his design firm LoveFrom. A relationship that has lasted relatively little, since the new news admits that this relationship is terminated. Therefore, now it can be said that Ive’s relationship with Apple has completely ended, after 30 years. Let’s remember that the designer started at Apple in 1992 and has contributed to creating great devices for users who have managed to extol the company. iPhone, 24-inch iMac, Apple Watch and even Apple Car have had and still have their mark.

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It seems that the heart of the matter why they stop collaborating is lack of understanding between both parties. Apparently, Apple signed a multimillion-dollar contract with Ive’s company but demanded that it not be able to take on projects that could endanger those of the technology company. Ive accepted. But the passage of time has made the company question the amount of money it pays and the designer wants to take on other projects and have the freedom to choose his clients.

So if to all this, we add that Jony left Apple due to discrepancies with Tim Cook, the end is clear. Right now, the paths separate and that may have consequences in the next devices that the company launches. Not in the short term, but in the medium or long term, the absence of the great designer’s hand may be noticeable.