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Apple cuts iPad production to use iPhone 13 chips

Apple cuts iPad production to use iPhone 13 chips

Have you recently ordered an iPad mini? Well, know that you will have to wait quite a while to get your hands on your new device, because Apple has decided to drastically reduce iPad production. The reason? Reassign chips and technical components to the production of the iPhone 13. Or at least this is what Nikkei Asia reported, which motivates the decision of the Cupertino company in a very clear way.

iPhone 13: Apple cuts production to increase that of iPhone 13

According to some data reported on the Net, Apple has reduced by 50% iPad production in the last two months, adding that even the technical components intended for older smartphones will be moved to the new iPhone 13. On the other hand, iPad and iPhone also have many parts in common, including core and peripheral chips. And this allows the company to conveniently move components from one part of production to another, especially at a time when the shortage of chips it makes itself felt loud and clear.

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Apparently, the company is prioritizing the release of the iPhone 13 because it expects a higher demand than that of the iPads. Western markets – Europe and the Americas above all – have seen significant growth in sales of Apple’s latest smartphone, and this well explains why its production has become a priority. Even at the expense of some other product. After all, this is perhaps the only possible decision, when we consider the chip crisis the company is facing.

Recently, in fact, Tim Cook himself stated that Apple lost $ 6 billion because of this problem in the supply chain. At the same time, the company seems well on its way to setting new sales records during the key holiday shopping season, following the release of the iPhone 13, MacBook Pro and Apple Watch 7.