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  7. Apple claims that the iPad mini 6’s display has no problem

Apple claims that the iPad mini 6’s display has no problem

Apple claims that the iPad mini 6’s display has no problem

After the official launch of theiPad mini 6 last week, customers around the world started noticing a annoying effect on the display while scrolling through the pages. Apparently though, Apple has now confirmed that this effect is completely normal and that it is not a hardware problem.

Apple says the iPad mini 6’s screen has no problems whatsoever

For those unfamiliar with the problem, “jolly scrolling” is when half of the display updates noticeably slower than the other, which results in a wobbling effect when the content moves quickly. . There have been more reports since the iPad mini 6 was released and users have come to think this might be a hardware malfunction or even a software bug.

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Here is slow-mo video of scrolling on the iPad Min i slowed down EVEN MORE in a frame-by-frame step through. Notice how the right moves up faster than the left.

In normal usage you barely see it, but every now and then it become noticeable. In landscape it goes away entirely pic.twitter.com/iq9LGJzsDI

– Dieter Bohn (@backlon) September 22, 2021

But even though this effect has bothered more users, Apple has now stated in a statement to ArsTechnica that the “gelatinous sliding” effect it is fully expected on LCD screens. The company claims the LCD panels “update line by line”, which causes a delay between lines.

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“In response to our inquiry, Apple told us that the ‘jelly scroll’ issue on the 6th generation iPad mini is normal behavior for LCD screens. Since these screens update line by line, there is a small delay between when the lines at the top of the screen are updated and the lines at the bottom. This can cause erratic scrolling problems such as those seen on the iPad. ” ArsTechnica writes.

Apple will not replace affected iPads

Despite Apple’s response, ArsTechnica notes that the “gelatinous scrolling” effect, which we told you about in this article, is much less evident on other iPad models with a 60 Hz LCD display. For example, the iPad Air 4 and the entry-level iPad. Unfortunately, as Apple claims this is expected behavior, those who have purchased the new iPad mini 6 and are not satisfied with the display will not be able to request repair or replacement.

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Of course, customers who don’t want to live with this annoying display effect can return the iPad mini to Apple for a full refund. within 14 days of purchase. This seems to be the only solution to avoid the problem.