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Apple CarPlay will control the air conditioning and more

Apple CarPlay will control the air conditioning and more

According to the latest rumors, Apple would be working to make it CarPlay the real operations center of your car: not only maps, calls and music but also the air conditioning and seat control. Soon you will even be able to set up sound reproduction from speakers and more with your own iPhone.

Apple CarPlay will soon also check the air conditioning and seats

The indiscretion comes from Mark Gurman on Bloomberg, which talks about an internal Apple project called IronHeart. Perhaps the biggest revolution in the industry for the Apple since the launch of CarPlay in 2015. Cupertino is in fact contacting car manufacturers to bring this new version of CarPlay in the automotive sector.

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Google recently made deals with Polestar, Ford, Honda and GM for them to use Android Automotive as the basis of its infotainment system. A bit like it does with Android in the mobile world, with manufacturers developing their own version of the operating system on the basis given by Google. Instead Apple wants to do something different, more similar to what is seen as HomeKit.

Apple therefore wants to make available some API that manufacturers can access the sensors in the car with various levels of support. So it means that on some cars you can adjust the air conditioning but not the seats, or viceversa. As is already the case today, in which only BMW has the ability to use Apple CarKey to access the vehicles.

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Finally, it should be noted that, according to Gurman, Apple it will not collect data on either the driver or the functions of the car. This is likely to reassure not only privacy-conscious customers but builders as well. The fact that Apple is working on its own self-driving car is no secret, even for various automakers.

There is no precise date for the launch of these features yet. But given how detailed Gurman has been, it cannot be ruled out that Apple is ready for a announcement later this year.