Apple can now sell the excess energy it gets from its solar power plants

Apple's commitment to the environment is well known to all users of the Cupertino-based company. Apple owns several solar power plants with which it mainly supplies electricity to its data centers. But the energy produced by these solar panel plants is more than necessary to meet the company's needs and last June it created a new company called Apple Energy LLC, from which it applied for a permit to be able to market excess energy in the electricity market. A month after the request, the United States Federal Energy Commission has just authorized Apple to sell all the excess electricity it produces at market prices.

After receiving this approval, Apple can now start selling excess energy generated in its solar farms located in Nevada, Arizona and California. As we read in SiliconBeat, which published the news:

Federal energy regulators approved Apple's request last Thursday to begin selling excess electricity at market prices… The tech company has 20 megawatts of generating capacity in Nevada, 50 megawatts in Arizona and 130 megawatts in California. The latter, California, is capable of providing the energy necessary for tens of thousands of homes. Additionally, Apple will partner with First Solar to offer a portion of this surplus electricity to new apartments planned in Monterey County in southeastern California.

But in addition to these plants, we must add the 14 megawatts of electricity which will produce the solar panels located in the new facilities that Apple will inaugurate at the beginning of the year and which we currently know as Campus 2, a work which, as we saw in the last video, continues to move forward at a good pace.

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