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  7. Apple begins to replace iPhone 7 Plus with camera problems

Apple begins to replace iPhone 7 Plus with camera problems

Apple begins to replace iPhone 7 Plus with camera problems

Most of us who have an iPhone 7 Plus are delighted with its camera. It is true that we would have liked both lenses to be the same, which would allow us to take advantage of all their functions in low light conditions, but the portrait effect does a very good job in most scenarios. The bad thing about innovating is that you can hit a stone on the road, and the stone on the road to iPhone 7 Plus camera it comes in the form of some very strange behavior.

Some users on Reddit and through various outlets on the web are complaining about their iPhone 7 Plus screen turning black and purple and displaying messages from error opening apple camera app. But the bad thing and the reason why Apple is replacing these iPhone 7 Plus is that, once they start to fail, the problem also extends to other camera applications, which makes us think that, indeed, there is or is causing a hardware problem in the 5.5-inch model of the Apple smartphone.

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The iPhone 7 Plus camera is having problems

A Reddit user claimed that “The camera on my new iPhone 7 Plus went AWOL and a quick search on Twitter and Google confirmed that I’m not the only one. I opened the camera only to see a black image preview«. Sometimes, the failure is accompanied by an error message which says “iPhone needs to cool down”, even if the device is completely cold. Another user posted his complaint on the Apple forums, where he claimed that “both cameras are now dead (main and rear), all I see is a black screen, I have tried different applications and they have the same problem. The Customer Service tells me that it is a problem with the sensor«.

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The only good thing we can see in this problem is that Apple is already replacing the affected iPhone 7 Plus, but I am afraid that this is not enough when we are talking about a device with a price as high as that of Apple’s iPhone. If you experience this problem, it is best to go to an Apple Store as soon as possible to get a new one. Do we have #Cameragate? We will know in the next few days.