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Apple Arcade: here are the news of this week

Apple Arcade: here are the news of this week

Also this week they arrive important news from the Apple Arcade world. The service, in fact, records the arrival of various new contents available to subscribers. In fact, starting today, it is available in the T cataloghumper: Pocket Edition. Among the upcoming titles there is also Crayola Create and Play. So here are the updates coming from the world.

The latest news coming to Apple Arcade: now available Thumper: Pocket Edition

Starting today, October 1st, it is available Thumper: Pocket Edition in the Apple Arcade catalog. It is an action game characterized by a particularly fast pace. The title won‘Apple Design Award 2019 and today promises to win over Apple Arcade users with its intense gameplay and psychedelic graphics as well as an original soundtrack. In the title, players will take on the role of a space beetle, braving the void and facing a mad giant head.

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Crayola Create and Play is coming soon

Among the future innovations coming to Apple Arcade we find Crayola Create and Play by Red Games. The title includes a large number of fun activities. The game, in fact, is designed to stimulate creativity, imagination, experimentation by offering many hours of entertainment. Crayola Create and Play is now included in the Coming Soon section of the service. More details on the debut in the Apple service will arrive, of course, in the next few weeks.