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Apple and Disney support anti-US climate law groups

Apple and Disney support anti-US climate law groups

Some of America’s leading companies, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft And Disneyare supporting working groups that are fighting the climate legislationdespite their own promises to fight the climate crisis, according to a new analysis.

Apple and Disney against climate law: what’s up?

A group of lobbies and corporate organizations rallied for oppose the budget law proposal $ 3.5 billion presented by the Democrats. The law contains unprecedented measures for reduce gas that warm the planet. It has also been defined as “the most significant climate action in the history of our country” by Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader in the United States Senate.

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Most of the large US companies expressed concern about the climate crisis. Some have even announced the own greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Jeff Bezosfor example, he said that the climate crisis is the “greatest threat to our planet” and the company he founded, Amazonis working to cut emissions to zero by 2040. Microsoft has promised to be “carbon negative” within a decade from now. Disney is also aiming to use only electricity from renewable sources within the same period.

Yet these leading companies, and others, actively support or guide the groups they are attempting to sinking Joe Biden’s law to tackle the climate crisis. Kyle HerrigPresident of the Accountable.US group, who compiled the analysis said:

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Big companies love to tell us how committed they are to tackling the climate crisis and building a sustainable future but behind closed doors, they are financing the very industrial groups that are fighting tooth and nail to stop the biggest climate change law ever. .

The US Chamber of Commerce has vowed to “do everything possible to prevent this reconciliation bill from becoming law.” The board of directors of the main corporate lobby group includes executives from companies such as Microsoft, Intuit and United Airlines, all of whom have expressed concerns about climate change.

Companies concerned by the law

Another group, the Business Roundtablesaid he was “deeply concerned” about the passage of the law, especially because increases taxes on the rich. The organization is made up of business leaders, including Apple’s Tim Cook. Cook asked a stronger action on the climate emergency by governments and businesses.

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Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, has launched advertisements attacking the bill. The Rate Coalition, another lobby group, is also planning a advertising blitz to help stop legislation.

Instead the National Association of Manufacturers said it is attempting to overturn the law “in every possible way”.

This blitz threatens legislation that already faces a dangerous path through Congress. The president needs that every Senate Democrat votes in favor of the package to get it through. Joe Manchin, a major beneficiary of donations from the fossil fuel industry, said the climate section of the law “makes no sense.” Furthermore, he has demanded that subsidies for coal, oil and gas remain in place.

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The Republicans they oppose universally to the law.

If passed, the law would establish a system for phasing out emissions from the US electricity systemwould provide payments to support nuclear energy carbon-free and would supportadoption of electric vehicles.

The law comes at a time when scientists are warning that the world stands rapidly running out of time to avoid catastrophic climate change. Failure of the legislation would not only hurt Biden politically, but would also hinder attempts to induce other countries to take more drastic action in upcoming UN climate talks in Scotland.

“This is a historic opportunity to end fossil fuel subsidies and invest in a liveable future,” said Lukas Ross, Friends of the Earth climate program manager. “We cannot waste this opportunity to pass meaningful climate legislation because there may not be another one.”