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Apple: Amazon Prime Video finally lands on Mac

Apple: Amazon Prime Video finally lands on Mac

The time has finally come: Amazon introduced amacOS app dedicated to Amazon Prime Video, which includes support for offline downloads, in-app purchases, and rental of movies and TV shows. The App is already available for free download from the Mac App Store and guarantees full access to the Amazon Prime Video content library, maintaining the same user experience seen in other similar applications.

Amazon Prime Video arrives on Mac

The App feels really comfortable to use, with even the option of make in-app purchases directly in the Prime Video windowusing any payment method linked to your Amazon account, instead of having to log in to Safari to pay. You will also be able to make some changes to settings directly from within the desktop app, including enabling or disabling subtitles, parental controls or managing other devices that have been registered to your Prime account.

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But it doesn’t end there, since the new App is able to synchronize content across multiple platforms to allow the user to resume any movie or show exactly where we left it. A function that had to be added, to guarantee a certain degree of complementarity to your entertainment ecosystem.

Finally, the App will also marry support for native Mac features such as the Picture-in-Picture and AirPlay, along with the inevitable pillars of Prime Video, such as the X-Ray function that offers information on casting and trivia. However, a small quirk should be noted: although films and TV series can be played in full screen mode, it is not possible to do the same with the app, which leads to some visual confusion.