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Apple also allows pre-installed apps to vote on the App Store

Apple also allows pre-installed apps to vote on the App Store

Now Apple allows users to vote onApp Store also at applications pre-installed on the iPhone. This way you can give your Apple feedback on apps like Podcasts, Mail and Mapsjust like you do with other developers’ apps.

Apple allows you to rate pre-installed apps on the App Store

The novelty was noticed by the 9to5Mac team. Now you can give a grade from 0 to 5 stars to applications you find already installed on your iPhone the first time you turn it on. Also, you can leave a comment. Which will serve not so much to other users to decide to download the application (which is already on all iPhones in the world) but to provide a feedback to the developers of Cupertino.

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Shortly after opening this new service, the Podcast app received the most criticism. In fact it has an average of 2 out of 5 stars, with 156 reviews. Even if after a few the vote is climbed to 3.5, with many users who wanted to give the application five stars. It therefore seems that, after a first wave of criticism, the situation should normalize and give a vote that more closely reflects reality. It seems that those disappointed with the app are no more but have simply been faster.

The choice to open to reviews seems to go with a view to buffering some of the criticisms received in recent days during the launch of iOS 15, which had some problems. Giving users the ability to express themselves directly on the App Store helps receive feedback in the most direct and clear way. Furthermore, some think that the move also serves to prove that the App Store is competitive, even for pre-installed apps. Something Apple wants to reiterate after the lawsuit with Epic.

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However, the pre-installed apps will continue to receive major changes with the operating system updates, as has always happened for the iOS and iPadOS. However, users will now be able to tell Apple what they think of the pre-installed applications. No need to tag Tim Cook on Twitter.