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Apple allows you to report scams on the App Store

Apple allows you to report scams on the App Store

OnApp Store a new dedicated menu appears to report scamming apps in the Apple ecosystem. The button “Report a problem“Returns to the pages dedicated to individual applications and now opens a drop-down menu where you can choose”Report scam or fraud“. A small change that will make the Apple digital store a little more secure.

Apple, you can now report scams on the App Store

Prior to iOS 15, reporting that an app perpetuated scams was far from a straightforward process. In fact, we must scroll to the bottom of the App or Games page in the App Store, to then be sent back to a site where you have to log in again. There you had to choose whether to report a “suspicious” activity, a “quality” problem, request a refund or “find my content”. Even assuming someone didn’t give up on the second log-in, it wasn’t clear which option to choose. If you had chosen “report suspicious activity” you would have ended up on Apple Support. And you could have commented on the quality of the service only after you have already paid some money: you couldn’t have reported the scam without falling for it first.

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Now, however, every app with purchases has the ability to report a problem, a much clearer service. At this point, you will still be redirected to an external site to log in to. But at least it seems like a step in the right direction. Additionally, you can also report apps you haven’t paid money for.

In a major reversal, Apple quietly added back the “Report a Problem” @AppStore button in iOS 15: pic.twitter.com/UopiPDEV7e

– Kosta Eleftheriou (@keleftheriou) October 3, 2021

However, as those of The Verge report, the problem is that Apple currently has hired only 500 people who can check that the applications are not scams. For reference, Facebook has 15,000 content moderators, and over the past two years many commenters have complained that they are not enough.

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However, Apple seems to have listened to the criticisms leveled at the App Store system. A few days ago he announced the possibility to rate system apps as well (such as Podcasts, Mail, Maps). Another move to make it easier for users to give feedback to Cupertino engineers. We hope that other changes of this kind are about to arrive, to make the App Store even more user-friendly.