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Apple admitted it: iMessage never came to Android to force users to buy iPhones

Apple admitted it: iMessage never came to Android to force users to buy iPhones

The legal conflict between Epic Games and Apple continues and, in addition to the problem of high developer fees, a number of other moves by Apple have also been highlighted. Among these is the fact that the Cupertino company has never made it available iMessage on Android to safeguard its sales.

Official testimonials arrive: iMessage never arrived on Android to guarantee sales of Apple devices

It’s no secret that Apple maintains a range of proprietary products and services to build customer loyalty. But few of its services have been as successful as iMessage. Apple is well aware that the lack of iMessage on Android is a big obstacle for many users, which is why the service never appeared on Google’s operating system. Official confirmation comes from some testimonials of Apple employees, including some executives, collected by Epic Games as part of its legal dispute with the iPhone maker.

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Epic, in its battle, argues that Apple consciously tries to “trap” customers in its ecosystem and that iMessage is one of the key services. Among the testimonies are comments from senior vice presidents Eddie Cue, Craig Federighi and Phil Schiller, in support of his argument.

“The hardest reason for leaving Apple’s universe of apps is iMessage,” a former Apple employee wrote in an email in 2016. Schiller to reply: “making iMessage available for Android will do us more harm than good and this e-mail explains why”.

“IMessage on Android would only serve to remove an obstacle to iPhone families by giving their children Android smartphones.”, This was the concern of Federighi according to the Epic document.

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According to Epic, Apple had decided not to develop iMessage for Android as early as 2013. Eddie Cue admits that Apple “could have made a version on Android that worked with iOS” so that “users of both platforms would have been able to able to exchange messages with each other without problems “. Evidently, such a version was never developed.

Nothing new for users, but a possible turning point for Epic Games

These direct testimonials they don’t change Apple’s reputation that muchsince it was taken for granted that the choice to never bring iMessage to Android was exclusively strategic. iMessage has always been one of the reasons that pushed users to stay in the ecosystem of the bitten apple. This also applies to FaceTime, which Steve Jobs introduced in 2010 as a future standard, but which is only available for Apple devices.

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However, having put pen to paper these comments coming directly from the Cupertino company could instead favor the legal path of Epic Games. In fact, the company claims that Apple uses unfair competition and all this would support his thesis. It should also be said, however, that Apple is under no obligation to make all its services available on other platforms such as Android.