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Apple-1: Apple’s first computer is worth half a million dollars

Apple-1: Apple’s first computer is worth half a million dollars

One of the very few Apple-1the first computers built by Steve Wozniak And Steve Jobs with Patty Jobs And Daniel Kottke now 45 years ago, it will go up for auction this week. The estimated price varies between 400 thousand and 600 thousand dollars, for the device assembled in the Jobs house in Palo Alto.

Apple-1, the first Apple computer goes up for auction

John Moran Auctioneers will start the auction at $ 200,000, but they expect it to be at least double that. In 2014, one of these devices peaked at $ 905,000.

The model at auction is one of 50 that were bought by ByteShop, in Mountain View, California. The owner Paul Terrell he thought that computers would arrive ready to be plugged in and immediately functional. But Jobs convinced him instead that he could really make money by selling the computer with keyboards, monitors and transformers he already sold in his shop.

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Apple’s proposal convinced an electronics professor of the Chafee College to buy the computer. But in 1977 he sold it to a student to buy an Apple II. The student has kept it to this day. And it seems like it was worth it.

Before putting it up for auction, John Moran Auctioneers verified the authenticity of each of its parts and evaluated it. It is one of 60 Apple-1s still in circulation, one of 20 that still work. But even more: it is one of six with the body in Koa wood, which has become very rare. Comes with a Panasonic monitor, a copy of the Apple-1 Basic Manual and the original programming manual. Also there are two cassettes and three original videos for the computer.

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Nathan Martinez, marketing director for the auction house, confirmed that the first telephone offers have already arrived. “When you see some items, you know they will be the stars of the show. The Apple-1 is one of them ”.