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App of the week: iShows


App of the week: iShows

The app of the week this time it is iShows, an application that it will allow you to be up to date with all the information of your favorite series.

iShows will allow you to keep up to date with the information of your favorite series

With the large number of series we currently have to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all of them. The seriesadictos are used to having an unspeakable number of series in our hands and sometimes it is difficult to remember when the next episode comes out or when the next season of a certain series is released. The best thing in these cases is to have a planning as if it were an agenda and What better way than to carry an application on our smartphone that allows us to manage all the series that we follow with the greatest comfort. This is the function of iShows and its operation is as simple and useful as its purpose. We just have to select the series we want and as soon as we open the application, the list of all appears. In each of them we can consult the technical sheet and what is more important, the seasons that it counts, the chapters of each one with a brief summary of each one of them and the information of when the next one is broadcast. The application also allows us to mark the chapters that we have already viewed so that we do not lose order and if we like to use social networks we can share it through our networks.

iShows is a very visual application, with a very minimalist interface that allows a very simple and functional use. It is not complicated with extras, it all comes down to selecting each series and going deeper and deeper into its information through sliding menus. It has been created by two Spanish developers, Luis Recuenco and Luis Herrero and the result is really magnificent. An essential app for all serial addicts. It is only available for iOS, you can download it at the following link.

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