Apex Legends: spotted the image of the new map?

The community of Apex Legends has been wondering for some time whether Respawn Entertainment will ever introduce a second map into the battle royale.

However, it seems that the legendary skin of the Lurker hide a new Apex world map. The mimentica, unlockable through the tiers of the Season 1 Battle Pass, would show a new area in which Kings Canyon fits perfectly. Kings Canyon is marked with a crown, while other areas feature icons reminiscent of the creatures that inhabit the area. At the moment, no official information has been released regarding new maps, but it is increasingly likely that we will see the introduction of new zones with the arrival of Season 2 of Apex Legends.

There is no shortage of new products with the new season. The first concerns the reintroduction of temporary ban for incorrect users. The new system will encourage players to never give up on matches. Exiting before the fateful “Return expired” will result in a temporary ban which will prevent you from re-entering the game for a few minutes. The penalty will not apply if you have to exit in a game in which a player has already quit or in which you are permanently dead.

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