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Apex Legends Origins: Valkyrie arrives, the winged avenger

Apex Legends Origins: Valkyrie arrives, the winged avenger

The May 4th will come up PC And console Apex Legends: Origins, with Valkyrie, the new Legend of the game. Respawn Entertainment and EA have unveiled this new character in a trailer who seems determined to engrave her name in the Apex Games with her arsenal of unique abilities.

Apex Legends Origins: Valkyrie arrives

Valkyrie is the new entry of Apex Legends Orgini, and was presented with an animated short about two weeks ago. This character is closely related to the Titanfall universeanother title developed by Respawn Entertainment.

Valkyrie, in fact, is the daughter of the famous pilot Viper, and inherited from him the love of flying but not his sense of duty. We can finally take a closer look at what she is capable of in battle.

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Here is the official description of the character that can be read on the official Apex Legends website: “Cheeky, bold, proud and ruthless, Kairi Imahara has no qualms about bribing and breaking the rules to get what she wants. As a child she stole a Titan. It was her father’s, radio code Viper. She wanted so much to be like him. But the next day he left to go on a mission and never returned “.

Valkyrie’s abilities in Origins, from “Passive” to “Ultimate”, are as follows:

Passive: Vtol Jets – Use Valkyrie’s jetpack to reposition or reach high places when on the hunt for enemies. The jet’s fuel will be limited, but it will recharge over time.

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Tactics: Missile Swarm – Fire a swarm of mini-rockets that damage and disorient the enemy.

Ultimate: Skyward Dive – Take to the skies to reposition long distances on the map with the possibility of teammates coming together.

Apex Legends: Origins will also feature a new 3v3 modean Olympus map update, a new Battle Pass and more when it launches on May 4th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.