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Apex Legends Origins: here are all the contents of the new update

Apex Legends Origins: here are all the contents of the new update

Apex Legendsthe battle royale of EA and Respawn Entertainment, is back with the biggest update in a while. Players can finally enter Apex Legends: Origins and experience a whole new way to play beyond battle royale, with the new permanent 3v3 mode, designed for competitive play.

Apex Legends: Origins arrives

With Origins also the new Legend Valkyrie he will join the Apex Games, and with his jetpack he will help players to dominate the air, launching missiles at enemies. Players can also explore an updated map of Olympus, which will be completely disrupted by the invasion of a parasitic plant.

Respawn has also released the patch notes, providing a complete analysis of the news of Apex Legends: Origins that you can consult by reading the official blog. Here is a summary of all the new features that will be introduced:

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Arenas: is a permanent 3v3 game mode where the goal is win three rounds without losing more than one, or continue until one team is two rounds ahead. Only basic equipment and some materials for use in weapons and upgrades will be available.

Valkyrie, the new Legend: Unleash a swarm of missiles to damage and disorient the enemy. If things get complicated, Valkyrie can use the Ultimate ability for a quick escape to the sky, taking her entire squad with her if she locks into takeoff systems.

New Bocek weapon: even one comes into play new powerful and deadly weapon, capable of dealing massive damage at medium range. Players can increase its effectiveness with two hop-up slots: Deadeye’s Tempo, which allows for faster extraction, and Shatter Caps, which detonate arrows when fired. Both hop-ups can be used simultaneously.

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Olympus map update – A fleet of ships breached Psamathe’s atmosphere from space, and a ship called Icarus docked on Olympus carrying a viscous, parasitic plant of unknown origin. New drop locations and modified lines of sight alter gameplay for players moving around the map.

Battle Pass: The Battle of Origins Pass will offer unique rewards such as Apex Packs, XP Boosts, and Skins. At level 100, players will unlock the Legendary Reactive Bound in Bone Devotion with many other rewards they will find along the way: Music Packs, Loading Screens, Skydive Emotes, Quips and more.