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Apex Legends: a special event arrives on GeForce NOW

Apex Legends: a special event arrives on GeForce NOW

The #GFN anniversary is upon us and a very special event is about to arrive with her, the “Legends of GeForce NOW”, An occasion in which players will finally be able to show their best moments of Apex Legends: Origins using NVIDIA Highlights to win huge and amazing prizes.

Here comes the event of Apex Legends on GeForce NOW

Already known to PC GeForce gamers, NVIDIA Highlights technology assumes an extremely important position in the cloud by automatically capturing, through video recordings, the most important moments of the game action, kills and wins, in games like Apex Legends. GeForce NOW now goes a step further, adding support for new games using smart templates and image recognition running on our cloud servers.

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Additionally, starting today through June 24, players who submit their best Apex Legends: Legacy highlights to GFNLegends.com will have a chance to win a perfect Legends game gear.

As if that were not enough, to celebrate E3 2021 there is also apromotional offer for new members. Players who sign up for a free GeForce NOW membership between now and Tuesday, June 15 will get three days of free Priority access. The Priority membership gives members frontline access to game rigs, long extended game sessions, and enhanced graphics thanks to ray tracing and DLSS, in supported RTX games.

As always, Thursday #GFN marks the arrival of new games in the GeForce NOW library. This week’s additions include Tripwire’s Chivalry 2, AMID EVIL with RTX ON, and more; here is the complete list of games: