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Any device with Alexa will be compatible with Apple Music

Any device with Alexa will be compatible with Apple Music

This week has been very interesting for Apple’s external relationships with other companies. This is the case of the integration of Apple Music in Amazon Echo speakers in the United States. In the coming days, the integration will expand to other continents. However, the bad news was that the integration it was only for the Echo speakers.

However, sources close to Apple have confirmed that the integration of Apple Music will spread to other speakers with Alexa, beyond the Amazon Echo. The only drawback is that we do not know how long it will take to integrate it, so we will have to wait and hope that our speakers are on the new list.

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Apple Music becomes very friendly with Alexa

We cannot deny that this move by Apple with its streaming music playback service is an ace up their sleeve that they had in store. Whether or not to play this card would depend on how its speaker, the HomePod, was being marketed. The data does not lie and we see how HomePod sales are not being good, and this may be due to the limitations of Siri and the lack of third party applications compatible with it.

The latest voices from Apple suggest that Apple Music will be made compatible with Alexa. Until now, we could only play music from this service on Amazon Echo (all modes). However, Amazon and Apple could have reached an agreement to make all the music from the Cupertino service listenable on any speaker with Alexa, regardless of who its manufacturer is.

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This is the case of the Sonos One or the Majority that, thanks to this announcement, could receive music from Apple Music in a few weeks. However, two important aspects must be remembered: it is necessary to have an Apple Music subscription and, secondly, this news refers to the American territory, but we do not doubt that it can reach Europe in a few months.