Another Celebgate defendant pleads guilty

Celebgate was one of the most attention-grabbing scandals of 2014. Celebgate was called Massive leak of intimate and personal photos of Hollywood's most important actresses via iCloud, where these characters stored a backup of all the photos they took with their iPhone.

At first it was claimed that the hackers were able to gain access using brute force due to a glitch on the iCloud servers, but soon after the hackers were shown to have created an account called [email protected] to try to pass themselves off as the official account [email protected].

the Pirates they sent an email to all the famous asking for the access password, many of whom have started to respond. This is a clear example of phishing aimed at impersonating the authentic user. No service will ask us by phone or email to send them passwords for any of our services. And if so, we should avoid responding.

As reported by the United States Department of Justice, the second individual charged in this theft has pleaded guilty. Edward Majerzyk, 28, of Chicago had access to more than 300 Apple user accounts, 30 of which belonged to Hollywood industry celebrities. The Ministry of Justice says that having pleaded guilty, he will have to serve a five-year prison sentence.

Edward Majerzyk is the second person responsible for this attack to plead guilty, after Ryan Collings, the first inmate and who also pleaded guilty, entered prison a few months agobut according to the FBI, they are not the only ones responsible for this phishing attack, so the investigations are still ongoing, since neither of the two detainees has been accused of having uploaded the photographs to the Internet, an action that would have had to be carried out by a third person.

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