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Anonymous blames Elon Musk for cryptocurrency tweets

Anonymous blames Elon Musk for cryptocurrency tweets

An individual who claims to be part of the hacker group Anonymous he targeted Elon Musk. The masked hacker said the billionaire “ruins lives” with his own tweet about cryptocurrencies.

Anonymous accuses Elon Musk of ruining lives with his tweets

The hacker group Anonymous has repeatedly attacked illustrious exponents around the world, practicing what they define “hacktivism“, The activism of cyber pirates. This time they have decided to threaten a character perpetually on everyone’s lips (and in re-tweets): Elon Musk. The accusation is that the billionaire uses his large social following for artificially raise and sink the value of cryptocurrencies.

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Examples of these tweets include those involving the Dogecoin, which went up a lot after a mention of the tycoon before filing SNL. Or when he announced that Tesla would first accept Bitcoins, then abandon them for environmental reasons.

The most recent of these tweets is about a meme about a breakup, which made one think of his own 56 million followers that he was about to sell the one and a half billion Bitcoin his company bought. The value of the cryptocurrency is dropped 7% that day.

Anonymous thinks this behavior is irresponsible, having caused many people to lose money who have invested in cryptocurrencies. The hacker told Musk that “while working people see their dreams liquidated for your outbursts, you keep mocking them with memes from one of your millionaire mansions.” The video ends with a threat: “You may think you’re the smartest person in the room, but you’ve just found your rival. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. Wait for us“.

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For the moment, the affiliation with Anonymous seems uncertain, with some social accounts close to the group that have confirmed the involvement while others have denied it. Musk just replied “Don’t kill what you hate, save what you love”.

We will keep you informed of any updates. You can see the video here.