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Anker deals for Amazon Prime Day

Anker deals for Amazon Prime Day

Like every year, summer is a good time to buy products on Amazon thanks to Prime Day, which this year will take place between July 12 and 13. We have selected the best Anker offers, with excellent products at great prices.

Anker has a very extensive product catalogue, with noise-cancelling headphones, security cameras, batteries for your iPhone, or smart vacuum cleaners to clean your house while you are away. This is the selection of the best products with the best offers for this Amazon Prime Day.

headphones and speakers

Soundcore offers us headphones and speakers with excellent value for money. We can get TWS headphones with noise cancellation at a much lower price than you can imagine, and with a sound quality that meets expectations.

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RoboVac G20 Hybrid

An excellent smart vacuum cleaner that you can control from your mobile or with Alexa to keep your house clean throughout the year, and especially for when you are not at home thanks to its intelligent programming. During these days you can get it for €209.99 (link)


Keeping your iPhone charged is essential on vacation, not only to keep in touch with family and friends, but also to capture the best photos and videos. A portable battery or a compact fast charger for travel they are your best companions on your vacation.

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Security cameras

Anker has a wide variety of security cameras covering the entire price range. From simple cameras to video door phones, compatible with HomeKit Secure Video or complete video surveillance systems for your home.