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Animals in movies and video games become Tamagotchi

Animals in movies and video games become Tamagotchi

Those who were lucky enough to experience their childhood in the 90s will remember the incredible toys of that era well. The Baby Born doll, for example, which allowed us to feel like mothers already at the age of 6/7. Or the extravagant Furby, which gave us pleasant awakenings next to a talking monster with the appearance of a Gremlin. Yet, although these games were super fascinating for the little ones, the absolute protagonist of the 90s was the Tamagotchi by Bandai.

With over 80 million pieces sold all over the world, this little digital pet (or nearly so) has proved to be the most loved toy of an entire era. And not just that, let us tell you. In fact, the release of the Tamagotchi R2-D2, which literally sent Star Wars fans into raptures. And now The Toy Zone has got to work on a new collection of Tamagotchi inspired by best known animals from movies, TV series and video games. Yes, you read that correctly. This means that you will soon be able to take care of your Yoshi or your virtual Hedwig. But let’s find out more.

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Tamagotchi: here are the models inspired by animals from movies, video games and animated series

If you miss your little digital pet, here’s the one for you. Inspired by the best known animals from movies, video games and animated series The Toy Zone imagined a collection of Tamagotchi that represented them perfectly. For the moment, it’s just about 3D render, but the effect is absolutely realistic. And it greatly alleviates our nostalgia for one of the most beloved toys of our childhood. So let’s find out which animals are represented in the series.

1. Santa’s Little Helper – The Simpsons

In its design work, The Toy Zone was incredibly thorough, redesigning not only the design of the toy, but also the entire packaging. And you can see it well in the model inspired by the “Santa’s little helper“, The well-known Whippet dog of the Simpson family. Clearly, the shape of the toy resumes in all respects that of the pet, including colors. And the same can be said of the packaging that contains it. All flawless. Too bad it’s just a render.

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2. Hedwig – Harry Potter

We all know very well Hedwig, the snowy owl from Harry Potter. And as much as the series gives her an ending we can’t forget, The Toy Zone instead allows us to keep her next to us and give her all the love she deserves. Assuming that the idea of ​​a Tamagotchi representing it becomes a reality. Sure, a digital version of Hedwig already exists in the video game “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, but that’s a whole other story. Just imagine the joy of feeding her.

3. Luna – Sailor Moon

Cats are absolutely important characters in the Sailor Moon animated series. And moon she demonstrates this by appearing on Earth to get in touch with Princess Serenity, who recognizes her because of the moon-shaped birthmark on her head. The magical powers of the kitten, then, are undisputed. And we are pretty sure that the Tamagotchi version of The Toy Zone own them. But that doesn’t mean Luna isn’t a pet in need of care. Indeed, quite the opposite.

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4. Yoshi – Super Mario

In a collection of toys inspired by the most beloved animals from movies and video games, it could perhaps be missing Yoshi? Absolutely not, of course. And here he is then transforming into a small digital pet, despite his ability to swallow enemies, turn them into eggs, and then throw them back at other enemies. But the toy imagined by The Toy Zone will do none of this. Indeed, it will remain there waiting to be cared for, pampered and fed.

5. Gary – Spongebob

Perhaps someone has never felt tenderness at the sight of Spongebob snail Gary? If so, say it now, because we really might be stunned by this statement. With that out of the way, it’s pretty clear that the digital version of Gary has literally won us over. The Tamagotchi designed by The Toy Zone is absolutely perfect: the design is reminiscent of the shell of a small snail and the pink color is more than emblematic of Gary. And yes, taking care of a snail is not that simple. Gary eats a lot and has a bad temper, but maybe the digital version of him can give you some useful advice in his language, who knows.

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6. Nibble – Futurama

We do not know how we managed to resist until this moment without telling you that someone has imagined a splendid one toy version of Mordicchio, the alien from Futurama who behaves exactly like a pet dog. And perhaps this inspired the Toy Zone team. Indeed, the Tamagotchi that has been drawn is a real tribute to this strange little animal with three eyes. As you can see below, the design re-proposes the third eye of Mordicchio. And this is enough to ask to transform this render into reality.

7. Cerebrolumaca – Among Us

We conclude the toy series imagined by The Toy Zone with the cerebrolumaca by Among Us, a classic of recent years. On the other hand, the game has conquered thousands of people during the pandemic, bringing in profits of 86 million dollars. And in short, this is enough to transform the green parasite of the Innersloth game into a Tamagotchi. Indeed, it is enough and advances, as they say in the Roman jargon.