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Animal Crossing turns into Brooklyn 99

Animal Crossing turns into Brooklyn 99

You can’t get tired of Animal Crossing, at least not as long as players continue to be so imaginative. Not one, but two players recreated one of the funniest scenes from the Brooklyn 99 series, using the animals of the Nintendo video game as actors. The result? Well, judge for yourself.

The voices of Brooklyn 99, the faces of Animal Crossing

Brooklyn 99 is a series that you can see on Netflix. It tells the hilarious events of the detective Jake Peralta (played by Andy Samberg) and the police district where he works. And he really makes you die of laughter. Especially in his “cold open“, The short scenes that anticipate the opening credits. In what is mentioned in Animal Crossing, Detective Peralta asks a series of suspects to sing a song by Backstreet Boys, to find the culprit. The song is “I want it that way“, And the scene is hilarious.

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The Youtuber slowlyhe lined up the characters in a room that vaguely resembles that of a police station, and then he synchronized the video recorded in Animal Crossing perfectly with Brooklyn audio 99.

Not to be outdone, too Hana Lee lined up the adorable animals against the wall. The scene is laughable in itself, but seeing it acted with a cast of Animal Crossing it elevates the absurdity of the moment to another level.

Animal Crossing continues to give pearls of “epic”

This isn’t the first time a player has used Animal Crossing for celebrate a piece of pop culture that he adores. Just yesterday, we told you how a fan modified their island in the game to recreate the face of Danny Devito.

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These kinds of creations take time, passion, and one strong artistic vein. And they give us one more reason to keep playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Not that we could stop.