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Animal Crossing & Pride: the video game in support of the LGBT community


Animal Crossing & Pride: the video game in support of the LGBT community

The wacky world of Animal Crossing opens the doors to the celebrations of Global Pride, the international event in support of the LGBT community to be held at the end of this month. We had mobilized a lot to organize a June full of events that could sensitize people to the diversity of sexual orientation, yet the Covid-19 emergency has also upset this initiative (like many others, on the other hand). But the developers of the most famous video game of the moment seem to stop at nothing.

Animal Crossing & Pride: LGBT events go virtual

Despite the canceled events around the world, the We Are Social team still managed to offer the opportunity to participate in Pride. The company decided to invade Animal Crossing Island with virtual events and celebrations to make sure everyone could participate.

“With the cancellation of physical Pride events around the world, we wanted to offer people a way to participate in the celebrations wherever they are,” he said. Arnaud Robin, Director of Innovation of the Singapore branch. “Pride is an important event for many – often it gives hope, as well as a sense of community and belonging. There was already a thriving LGBT community on Animal Crossing, so it was the perfect opportunity for that to happen. “

This way, all users – anywhere in the world – will have the opportunity to participate in at least one Pride event. Including those who would have liked to take part in the shows for the first time. Or those who were undecided on what to do, but found a good opportunity in virtual participation.

The We Are Social team has built a real one Pride island, complete with a rainbow, a message board, a hall of fame, a club and a catwalk. And in order not to miss anything, the game has introduced a series of new clothing in perfect LGBT style – clearly to be worn in virtual reality -.

Thus, while the Global Pride will go live on YouTube for about 24 consecutive hours, the Twitch creators will be live streaming from their Animal Crossing game session, within which they will host colorful virtual celebrations. During the live shows, users will also be able to make donations to support and finance LGTB communities. If you are interested in participating, it will soon be possible to access the island for the necessary celebrations. In the meantime, you can start shopping T-shirts, furniture and items in perfect Pride style. Let’s see how.

All Animal Crossing Pride-themed items

While waiting for the Global Pride event, users have the opportunity to collect a variety of Pride-inspired items. Starting with one T-shirt collection with which to dress up your character. To be able to get them, however, you will have to unlock access to the Able Sisters store on your island. Once you have succeeded in this mission, you will be able to unlock custom designs for use on T-shirts, furniture or more. All clearly inspired by Pride. Ready to start having fun?