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One of the many fascinating aspects of the game series Animal crossing is the presence of seasonal events, reinforced by the fact that the time involved coincides with that of real life. For the new chapter, which has just been released for Nintendo Switchthe first event is egg hunt day (In English Rabbit Day and the “secular” consideration of Easter), which will take place on April 12 but since the beginning of the month it has brought some changes to the game. There are a lot of projects and things to do: to make sure you don't miss anything, just follow this one Animal Crossing: New Horizons Easter Events Guide!

Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Easter events guide

It was April 1st that got the ball rolling Ovid (In English T. Bunny zipper), A rabbit (or, more likely, a character dressed as a rabbit) which reminded us like the April 12 will, in fact, be the egg hunt day. In preparation for this day, all players' islands have been flooded with egg. Eggs in the water, eggs in the trees, even eggs in the sky! In addition to this, players have also started finding gods projects which require the aforementioned eggs and which they must finish before the end of April 12. For those who complete all the projects, in fact, Ovid has promised a special reward!

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At the base of everything there are obviously eggs: there are six varietieswith a name that also indicates where is he can be found. For most of these types, the number obtainable just from their own island each day is limit, and to get more you will necessarily have to visit other islands using the Nook Miles Coupon.

  • Leafy eggs: as if they were gods fruitsit is possible to find this type of eggs in groups of three on the trees, visible on the right on its branches. To obtain them, it will be enough shake the tree on which they are positioned.
  • Egg earthly: you can find this type of eggs dig into the ground points marked with a crack (the same ones from which it is possible to obtain the fossils for the museum).
  • Egg wooded: this type of eggs is found inside the trees. To get them out you will have to hit them with achoppedlike when you want to have some drink.
  • Egg rocky: you can find this type of eggs inside the rocks. By hitting the latter with achopped or one shovel you will obtain, in addition to the different types of minerals, eggs of this variety.
  • Aquatic Eggs: to find these eggs just put them there cane on the shoulder and go to to fish. There is indeed a certain probability that instead of a fish, you will cast on an egg of this type.
  • Heavenly Eggs: lift up your eyes, because these egg they are carried by balloons Rainbow that you'll have to pop with yours sling. In order not to always keep the camera in place, you can also rely on theaudio: the arrival of these balloons is in fact accompanied by a characteristic soundsimilar to that of a broken.
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Finding the plans is very simple: some will be carried away by the same balloons as the celestial eggs; others will come to your shores in rainbow bottles; still others will be given to you by yourself residents. Finally, there are some that will come to your mind independently during your egg collection or that, on the contrary, you will not be able to obtain before April 12. Let's see them all together!


Clothing is a particular type of project: it is in fact available a three-piece suit for each type of eggand you will discover the plans of each set after collecting a number between 5 And 15 of eggs of this variety. Eggs of the corresponding type are also needed to reach clothing items.

After finding everything and six the costumes, you will also find the project for me two heads complete 'Evening egg', the two applicants eggs of all kinds to achieve.

Furniture and objects available to date

Let's now move on to the drawings of the different pieces of furniture and objects, which can be found in the more conventional way described above.

  • Egg hunt stool (3 aquatic eggs)
  • Egg hunt table (4 land eggs)
  • Egg hunt cabinet (4 rock eggs)
  • Egg hunt toilet (4 leafy eggs)
  • Egg hunt clock (3 light blue eggs)
  • Egg hunt lamp (4 woody eggs)
  • Egg Hunt Floor (2 eggs of each type)
  • Egg hunt wall (2 eggs of each type)
  • Egg Hunt Bed (1 egg of each type)
  • Egg Hunt Balloon Set 1 (1 earth egg, 1 leafy egg, 1 celestial egg)
  • Egg Hunt Balloon Game 2 (1 Rocky Egg, 1 Woody Egg, 1 Water Egg)
  • Egg Hunt Garland (1 egg of each type)
  • Egg Hunt Wreath (1 egg of each type)
  • Egg Hunt Mat (1 egg of each type)
  • Egg Hunt Wreath (1 egg of each type)
  • Egg hunt backpack (1 egg of each type)
  • Egg hunt fence (1 egg of each type)
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Other projects

In addition to the projects seen above, there are also three projects that, according to rumors, only the April 12. We are talking aboutEgg Hunt Bow (which will require two eggs of each type), the 'Swinging zipper toy' (probably in Italian it will be something like Ovid toy; the project will be available after finishing at least 18 projects on the theme of egg hunting'and will ask 4 eggs of each type) and the Egg Hunting Wand (the blueprint will be available after making the Wobbling Zipper toy and will require the toy itself with aa three star fragments).

We will keep you posted with more details on this on April 12 itself, when we can personally confirm this information. In the meantime, we hope this guide has been helpful to you, and we wish you all a good egg hunt!

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