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Animal Crossing Monopoly arrives: here are all the details


Animal Crossing Monopoly arrives: here are all the details

Animal Crossing New Horizons, as we all know, it is a game extremely loved by its reference community. This new chapter of the saga kept millions of users company during the first wave of the pandemic COVID-19, thanks to its relaxing and, in a certain sense, reassuring gameplay. Animal Crossing New Horizons hasn’t run out of arrows yet, however, and Hasbro recently announced a release of Monopoly dedicated to the game.

Here is the Monopoly of Animal Crossing

The version of the board game dedicated to Animal Crossing New Horizons will arrive on store shelves within a few weeks and will soon be bookable also via Amazon. The Monopoly Special Edition is essentially based on the same playful principle as Animal Crossingslightly revised to accommodate the new physical format.

For the uninitiated, Animal Crossing bases its gameplay on a single element, then declined in various ways within the game economy. We are talking, of course, about the construction and the development of a community on a desert islandwhich we will be able to transform in almost every aspect into the most hospitable place possible to welcome new residents.

Not just houses and attractions then: our task in the game will be create an environment that is as welcoming, beautiful and functional as possible. It follows that on our island there will be a museum, you can build shops, go fishing, hunt insects, or simply relax, enjoying the surrounding environment in a park built specifically for basking in the sun.

The Monopoly version of the game adapts this formula by mainly taking its exploratory component, since in the board game our primary goal will be to explore new islands where to collect raw materials. These items can then be sold at Tom Nook’s shop in exchange for stars, which replace the standard version banknotes, through which Nook’s Miles can be obtained.

Whoever gets more Miles than others by the end of the game wins.

The contents and the collaboration with the game

While the spirit of the game is a little more relaxed than a normal Monopoly game, the risks you can run into during your session are still there for good or bad. In fact, you will have to be very careful about how you use your stars and the investments you makeotherwise you could accrue a very high debt which could lead you to lose the Nook miles you have earned.

To give a pleasant twist to the rhythm of the game there are the skill cardslimited to a single copy per player, which allow you to acquire some specific bonuses during the game, such as a bonus on the sale or on the collection of materials.

Animal Crossing Monopoly is due out next time November 15, and to celebrate the launch the Italian game community has built a special Monopoly themed island within Animal Crossing: New Horizons. To visit Monopoly Island, just enter the dream code DA-8407-5630-5932 into the game.

As if that were not enough, the resources used to create this particular island have been made available to all users who visit it, so if you want to create your own theme park, all you have to do is reach the shores of Monopoly Island. .