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Animal Crossing meets Studio Ghibli

Animal Crossing meets Studio Ghibli

Animal Crossing is one of the simulation video games that offers gamers great possibilities for creation and customization. The video game series from Nintendo was enriched a few months ago with the new chapter Animal Crossing: New Horizons and users are exploiting the full potential of the game to Nintendo Switch to create i crossover more absurd. The last concerns that of the film The Enchanted City of the Studio Ghibli which was featured in the game.

The user who attempted the feat is the Japanese player Tsukimaro (@ HUb0E61kOpP3F0a on Twitter) who transformed his island into a veritable tribute temple to one of the most loved Japanese animated films of all time. Tsukimaro is embarking on ambitious project to revisit Hayao Miyazaki’s entire Oscar-winning animated film.

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Here are some photos of the island of Tsukimaro:

「千 と 千尋 の 神 隠 し in あ つ 森」
part6 カ オ ナ シ 、 入 り ま っ す ♪

# あ つ 森 # ど う ぶ つ の 森 #ACNH # 千 と 千尋 # ジ ブ リ pic.twitter.com/W2umgdj3G5

– つ き ま ろ (@maro_mooon) May 20, 2020

「千 と 千尋 の 神 隠 し in あ つ 森」
part 8 盛 り 上 が っ て 参 り ま し た!

好 き な シ ー ン が 多 過 ぎ て 進 ま な い? # あ つ 森 # ど う ぶ つ の 森 #ACNH # 千 と 千尋 # ジ ブ リ pic.twitter.com/DJypbaMl30

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– つ き ま ろ (@maro_mooon) May 22, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons allows you to customize many elements of the game such as the inhabitant, clothing, furniture, decorative patterns and much more. The Enchanted City isn’t the only animated film to which Tsukimaro worked. The user has in fact made some scenes of Kiki – Home delivery and it’s Howl’s Moving Castle.

Animal Crossing Crossovers

Over the past two months since the game’s release, users have identified with tons of original and crossover creations that have thrilled the web. One of the most curious concerns the creation of an island with the features of Danny Devito. With so much discipline and artistic sensitivity, the user Ravioli opened a long moat to surround the actor’s face.

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Other crossovers concern the designs of Enrique Bolatre (Lovely Nighto on Twitter) who re-interpreted the characters from the Persona 5 video game in the perfect style of Animal Crossing.