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Animal Crossing lands at the ZOOM biopark in Turin


Animal Crossing lands at the ZOOM biopark in Turin

Animal Crossing and the biopark ZOOM of Turin meet inside “Animal Crossing @ZOOM”. The initiative will allow gamers of all ages to discover the animal species inside the park in a completely new way.

Animal Crossing at the ZOOM biopark

The joint experience of these two realities actually began a little by chance, with the arrival of two alpaca from a Dutch park. As a habit, the park asked his folks followers to choose the name for the newcomers.

As stated by Filippo Saccà, director of the ZOOM biopark “We decided to involve users in choosing the name. In reality we were supposed to host two males, but when our veterinarian Sara Piga discovered that the two were inseparable, she absolutely didn’t feel like separating them. Our work – concludes Saccà – is always science and heart. ”

The result, surprising for the team, was an almost unanimous vote for the names “Alpaca & Merino “. These two names, originating from another pair of alpacas found within Animal Crossing, they led to the park meeting with Nintendo and at the birth of collaboration

Animal Crossing @ZOOM

The initiative born from the collaboration consists of an exclusive tour of the biopark, aimed at bringing the guests together with the species protagonists of the game. Part of this experience will be available on the web, and will consist of a series of video where, for the over 20 species in common between the park and the game, parallels and differences will be told.

In real life, however, there will be a special tour, complete with a welcome from Eight, the park owl here in the guise of Blatero, the museum director in the game.

More information soon on the official website by ZOOM Torino.