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Animal Crossing, I can’t stand you


Animal Crossing, I can’t stand you

“It doesn’t matter whether you talk about it well or badly, as long as you talk about it”.
This is the most common phrase among those who aspire to be successful and, following this philosophy, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has hit the mark. The world is split in two: on the one hand there are those she almost loves him madly and on the other hand who owns it can’t stand it. Yet anyone talks about it. It is clearly not a game for everyone, like no one on the other hand.

A few days ago we listed what, in our opinion, are the five reasons not to let it slip away. Today, therefore, for a level playing field, we wanted to list those who, again in our opinion, are instead the five reasons why Animal Crossing should be left alone.

1 – Animal Crossing has a lot on the one hand, but it’s so limited on the other

One point that we feel we cannot fully agree with is the limitation that the Nintendo house title poses. We understand the choices and motivations, but we also think that an alternative path could have been found, a compromise.

The big limitation is that of being able to have a single island per console and not by account. What is easy to believe is that this is a way to allow multiple accounts to play together, but it would have been more appropriate let the user choose himself. Also because it seems that the secondary account has some limitations compared to the main one.
Also it’s nice to play together, we don’t question it, but having your own island is much better.

In short, imagine playing with your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. Already in reality (if you live together you know it well) there are things that you fail to reconcile.

Because we have two types of couples, number one is a little more classic: “Honey, I really like the curtain white”. “But look I think that white really sucks.”
The second one is more: “Honey, what do you think about the color curtains in your opinion we should choose, I like light blue, but I would like us to choose them together.” “I believe that white is a beautiful color, then it goes well with the house, it is always a light color.” “Then it is decided, we will take them heavenly”.
In each, in the end, in both situations, we have clear what color the curtain will be.

Don’t think this changes in the game! And so you will be there, every day, to decide which square is your part of the island and which one is not. But you will always have to deal with things in common, such as shops. “Needle and thread in the center.” “No better right.” “Yes, but right is my island, then I have less space.”
But we all already know how it will end. All the shops and the houses of the inhabitants will be in your half, so that you have only the possibility to furnish your home.

2 – If you are not kleptomaniacs, Animal Crossing is not for you

The game does bases all about collectingthere is nothing to do. Animal Crossing that’s it, millions of hours go by just to trade items. Whether they are flowers, plants, fruits or simply furnishings.

Animal Crossing is suitable to those people who, if they could in reality, they would buy everything. “Oh look the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Pre-Order is out, but imagine if I buy it. I hate the new Assassin’s Creed saga has become terrible. ” “Good morning, it’s € 199.” “I pay with an ATM.”
Here, Animal Crossing is the same. Chaplet at 1 million, what are you doing? you try it? Obviously not.

The problem is that they also exist people healthy that they don’t feel the need to buy everything. (I swear we didn’t think it was possible).
So if you don’t feel that wants that rises from within whenever you see something you don’t have or if you don’t feel the frenzy Of buy any useless (but beautiful eh) object that you do not own, if you are not one of them who spends hours on AlliExpress or Wish or if you don’t hear that little voice telling you “Buy it, buy it”, that’s it, then the game is not for you!

3 – Animal Crossing is not for everyone who is impatient

Definitely Animal Crossing it is not a game for the impatient who abide by the rules. As we have seen in our review the title is a life simulator that it requires a lot of patience.
There customization it’s a lot vastsure, but get all the items it takes time.

If then, some actions can be “speed up” simply playing for a long timewhile others have to follow their course. There are actions that, in fact, they have time limits.
For example, the collection of minerals cannot exceed the limit of daily appearanceand the same goes for flowers, fossils, and fruits.
Works of art are also part of this circle, as we will only be able to buy one per day (on the days when Volpolo is present on the island).

In the introduction, however, we highlighted an important concept, namely “Stick to the rules”. Because of course, if you are impatient, you want everything right awaybut you want to follow the rules, Animal Crossing not really for you. But if you live with the saying “the end justifies the means“, Well, then the speech changes completely!

In fact, there is a particular option on the title: the much discussed one Time Travel. To explain it in quick words, by changing the date and time on the Switch, we can also make changes in game. So, we can go back and forth in time, changing days, months and years.
This is where the impatientwho are not afraid of the rules, they can have their revenge. It will therefore be enough for you to move the hands back and forth to, for example, purchase all the works for the Museum. Or if you are impatient to have a certain object, you can try to go on in the days, hoping to find it in the store.

Please don’t tell anyone about it, someone won’t take your time travel well!

4 – Collect the fruits, build objects, decorate the island, nothing more, nothing less

Animal Crossing is not a game genre suitable for those who want to find something always new.
We are not faced with a procedural title or an action title. What moves each gear is basically a repetition of small daily actions that will lead us to have a tailor-made world.
So, all those who want something that keeps attention, who seek action, adventureor simply a good plotthey can do without it.

Because, for better or for worse, Animal Crossing is a bit like everyday life. It’s not bad, there are times when you have big laughs with friends, emotional moments, but others that aren’t all that exciting. In short, you get up, have breakfast, go to work, come back, eat, go to bed.
In the Nintendo game the speech is very similar, you get up, check the price of turnipsyou buy the works from Volpolo, you collect fruit, you wet the flowers, you collect the wood, you fish, you catch butterflies. And don’t forget, sell, everything!
Yet it is so relaxing that even if it is definitely repetitiveyou are always there to do and redo all these things.

On the other hand you want it to be 250 hours from Day One!

5 – Not suitable for save maniacs

Animal Crossing, unfortunately, flaw a little bit too side rescues. You know when you save the your photos on 4 Hard Disks different and 15 Cloud systems? Because you never know, you can lose your phone, you can break an HD, a Cloud system it can be tampered with.
Well perfect, you, you will be displeased to know that, Animal Crossing does not offer a data saving system on the Cloud with Nintendo Switch Online. The title makes continuous bailouts in a local way, but does not allow anything more.

If you have played hundreds of hours, this might make your skin crawl a bit. I mean, imagine losing the cartridge, or break the consoleyou should start all zero. Chills at the very thought.
However, it seems that Nintendo will integrate this system with limited use. You can use the service only once.

Of course there are flaws, we do not hide it, yet, if you manage to go further, the Nintendo title is also able to give you many pleasant moments. So, if you haven’t done it yet, run to read the five reasons for having it.

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